Mission Critical Fuel Systems

Ace Tank has been providing mission critical fuel systems before the term “mission critical” was equated to the emergency power generation systems now commonly installed at hospitals, health care facilities and data centers throughout the U.S. and abroad.

As this market has developed we have witnessed an increasing rate of complexity associated with the fuel systems designed to support the power plant. While we recognize the sophistication of the backup power systems at these facilities we firmly believe in removing unwarranted complexity in our mission critical fuel systems whenever possible. Our Ace Fuelsafe equipment line of bulk tanks, daytanks, pump sets and controls are a testament to this philosophy and present a modular solution and reliable interface to the building management system and between subsystems.

Durability in design is our top priority, everything else follows. We believe this is accomplished through a constant focus on minimizing complexity, using high quality components and most importantly asking ourselves how we would want the system to be built. Focus on ease of use and maintenance maintains this perspective. Our goal is to become the gold standard for mission critical fuel system design by delivering on our promise of durable design and reliable results.