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Today’s fuel control systems afford fleet managers the power to control access to – and monitor supplies of – fuel inventories for secure, easy and streamlined management of fuel resources. Ace Tank delivers the fuel control systems essential to the task.

Trusted brands like OPW-FMS and Gasboy supply innovative and reliable fueling control components for small and large fleets in commercial, aviation, marine, military, construction, commercial, municipal, rental and retail applications. Whether the system permits access to fuel via a card, a key or is keyless, Ace Tank’s integrated systems emphasize ease of operation and accurate tracking and reporting of fuel consumption, thus promoting a climate of efficiency and accountability. Fuel access terminals can be programmed to be operational 24-7 for enhanced convenience, increased revenue opportunities and reduced labor costs.

From sophisticated terminal interfaces that accept an assortment of credit and fleet card types to fully automated systems utilizing vehicle identification technology, Ace Tank’s comprehensive fuel control systems are designed to meet your operation’s needs and budget.