This page has been archived as of 10-31-2021 for reference purposes only. For current terms and/or policies, please see and/or

Ace Stocking Policy

Our goal is to have a core set of products available at all times. These are items that – based on customer feedback and past sales activity – should always be on the shelf and available. When you need something that your business or livelihood depends on we will do our best to have that item readily available. Our goal is responsiveness and if we see a trend developing that begs reassessing what we have readily available, we’ll make appropriate adjustments.

While we do try to have a wide assortment of product lines available, we cannot guarantee that all items will be in stock all of the time due to various vendor restrictions and minimum order requirements.

Emergency Parts Needs

Most of our suppliers can accommodate emergency part or item replacement needs. Each vendor addresses that situation differently; some require a “rush fee,” some require that the item(s) ship by the fastest means possible (e.g. UPS Red).

Drop shipments are available with a majority of our vendors. Please check with your Ace Tank sales representative to see whether direct shipping is available for your particular situation.

Special Order Items

Purchase of typical “non-stock” items valued at over $500 require a signed purchase order and in most cases a customer signed and returned quotation from Ace. In most instances, we require a minimum 25% deposit on such items.

Submittals and Operations Manuals

Upon receipt of executed purchase order, Ace Tank will prepare a standard Submittal and O&M package and will provide, at no charge, up to one (1) Electronic PDF and up to ten (10) printed hard copy sets, single-sided, 3-hole punched, standard format packets bound with paper clips. Any abnormal or job specific submittal requirements, including format, layout, testing requirements, binders, laminated paper, etc., can be provided and will be charged time and materials. Rate is $125.00/hour and $1.00/mile. Cancellation of order after submittals and/or O&M manuals have been assembled will result in a minimum charge of $250 for administrative costs.

Returned Goods Policy

Return Goods Request Form

Our return policy is intended for timely processing of returns and issuance of credit to our customers. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in delays or loss of credit. Written communication or confirmation will also greatly aid in assuring proper processing.

All returns will require a written Return Goods Authorization (RGA) from Ace. All returns should be sent to our facility, along with a copy of the RGA and the RGA number should be written on the outside of all boxes. Under no circumstances should any items be returned directly to the manufacturer or other party unless prior written authorization is obtained from Ace.

To receive authorization to return material, customers must fill out a Return Goods Request form. Forms may be downloaded here, or obtained by fax or email from the branch handling the account. The Return Goods Request may then be faxed to the RG Coordinator at (847) 364-1788 or emailed to  A numbered Return Goods Authorization will be faxed or emailed back to the customer.


  • Items should not be returned without prior authorization from Ace.
  • In the case of an error on the part of Ace, items will be accepted back within 30 days of shipment for full credit.
  • Ace will accept a return of regularly stocked items up to 10% of the amount of each invoice without a restocking charge. This is intended to allow our customers a slight overage on materials such as pipe and fittings on construction orders. However, all items returned must be clean, undamaged, and in original containers. Also, fiberglass pipe will only accepted in full lengths, and flexible pipe will only be accepted in minimum of 100 feet continuous lengths. This allowance will not apply to specially ordered items or repair parts.
  • Return of all other items will be at the discretion of Ace and, if accepted for return, will be subject to restocking charges to cover costs incurred by Ace, including factory restocking charges, processing costs and return shipping to the manufacturer. The standard restocking charge will be 20%, but may be higher due to certain vendor return policies.


  • It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect shipments upon delivery and note any damage in writing on the bill of lading at the time of delivery. The customer should also notify Ace immediately upon receiving a damaged shipment to arrange for a replacement.
  • The customer should confirm that the number of boxes received matches the bill of lading at the time of delivery. Shortages due to a loss by the carrier cannot be rectified if not noted by recipient at the time of delivery.
  • The customer should inspect all items for concealed damage and loss within 3 days of receiving the shipment and notify Ace if any such damage or loss is noted.
  • No damaged materials should be returned to Ace without prior authorization. Such items will often need to be held for inspection by the freight company at the location where received.

CORE RETURNS (Repair & Return & Non-Warranty)

  • Cores will be accepted on a like-for-like basis, according to the parameters listed on our core return policy, against advanced shipments of exchange parts.
  • Cores returned in advance for Repair and Return will be processed immediately, on a like-for-like (or available upgrade) basis, upon receipt of exchange part.
  • See Core Return policy for individual return time frames allowable to receive a core credit.


  • Ace’s sole warranty obligation shall be the honoring of the manufacturer’s factory warranty for items that were sold by Ace.
  • If an item not purchased from Ace is submitted for warranty replacement, Ace may, at its discretion, provide a replacement item, but in this case we will impose a handling fee of $15.00 or 15% of the list price of such item, whichever is greater, per item, to defray our processing costs.
  • All warranty items must be returned to Ace with all required paperwork, such as a Ace RGA, and any manufacturers warranty service reports or claim forms. Please call if you have any questions regarding requirements for particular items. Items received without proper documentation will be returned to you for correction and re-submittal.
  • If a defective part is first returned to Ace for replacement, the replacement will be shipped to you at no charge.
  • If a replacement part is ordered in advance of returning defective item, you will be invoiced at your regular price for that part. If the defective part is returned within 15 days, Ace will credit the warranty items on the original invoice. If the part is not returned within 15 days, the invoice for the replacement part will need to be paid in accordance with your payment terms. If the part is then subsequently returned, Ace will not issue credit against the replacement invoice, but will withhold credit until credit is issued to Ace.

In order to abide by manufacturer’s return guidelines, Ace obtained RGAs will have the following validations:

  • “Returns To Stock” RGAs will be valid for 30 days from date of issuance.
  • “Warranty Return” RGAs will be valid for 15 days from date of issuance.
  • “Core Credit & Exchange” RGAs will be valid for 15 days from date of issuance.

Although Ace may issue an RGA to send items back for credit, that does not ensure you will receive credit for those items.

  • Return to stock items will be inspected by Ace to make sure item is unused and clean or original packaging unopened.
  • Core and warranty returns will need to be inspected and accepted by manufacturer before Ace will issue credit for items.

Ace reserves the right to withhold or reverse any credit given for parts that are subsequently rejected by the manufacturer.

Over the years, suppliers of exchange parts have tightened their policies for returning cores. In turn, we are forced to do the same. Exchange items are sold on a “Core Credit Upon Return” basis, in the expectation that cores will be returned to Ace within a few days of your receipt of the part. This allows us to recover the cost of the core from the supplier, which we in turn pass on to you, our customer. If we do not meet the manufacturer’s time limitations, we do not receive our core credit and therefore cannot issue core credit to you, our customer. In order to avoid this added expense we find it necessary to set definite time limits on core returns.


  • You must obtain a Return Goods Request form to be filled out. You can obtain that form here, or from the sales department of the facility handling your account.
  • The form must be filled out and faxed to the RG Coordinator at (847) 364-1788 or emailed to
  • Cores must be received at Ace within 15 days* of invoice, with RGA as your return packing slip.
  • Cores received after this time and/or without Ace RGA will be returned, uncredited.



Please note that our 15-day core policy is independent of your payment terms. Invoices incorporating core charges should be paid within terms to keep your account balance current; we must receive either payment of the core charge or an acceptable core within terms. We will, of course, issue credit for any core charge paid, if we subsequently receive a core within the 15-day period allowed.