Initially founded as Ace Tank and Welding Co. in 1937 on Seattle’s Elliott Avenue, we have gained over 7 decades of experience on storage tanks and fueling systems for our wide range of clients.

The tradition of knowledgeable expertise that we rely upon serves us well as we continually improve and hone our focus on providing reliable fueling systems. Our parent company, Source North America, supports Ace Tank with the resources to realize our goal of becoming the gold standard in the design and provision of engineered fuel systems.

Ace Tank was one of the founding members of the Steel Tank Association (STA), one of the industry’s largest professional organizations. Ace Tank was also one of the leaders in helping to develop the STI-p3® system of underground tank protection with the dielectric protection (sacrificial zinc anodes), electrical isolation (nylon tank bushings), and protective exterior coating that led to the offering of a then-unheard of 30-year limited warranty for storage tank solutions. Later, with advancements in means of underground protection, we were involved from the beginning during the development of the Permatank®: the fiberglass tank with the heart of steel.


Shortly before the death of family patriarch Bob Burwell, the Reese brothers assumed ownership of Ace. The eldest, R. Allan Reese, served as company President for many years. As a physicist, Allan developed a triple-walled insulated steel tank at a time when the industry was moving toward what would become the UL-2085 aboveground tank. The crux of the 2085 specifications involved insulated, secondarily contained, fire-protected fuel storage with the ability to keep stored products from reaching their flash point for at least two hours. The double-walled version (the “FireGuard”) underwent vigorous field testing on the Reese farm in central Washington.

In 2003, we moved away from in-house tank manufacturing. We now coordinate with our manufacturing partners to provide our clients with the type of tank, storage and conveyance system – both fuel and non-fuel containing – that they want. In 2005, Source North America assumed ownership of Ace Tank and we immediately started working toward leveraging the combined resources of Ace’s engineered sales team and Source North America’s financial and logistical strength. We are now incorporated into a national sales team with facilities all throughout the United States, with an experienced sales team covering not only the West Coast but also markets from Alaska to Florida, Connecticut to Hawaii, the American Marianas, Guam, Canada and Mexico. And we’ve served several overseas markets such as the Netherlands, Singapore, Dubai, England, and Russia.


Over the years Ace has increasingly focused on servicing the needs of our industrial and commercial customers by adding quality pump, meter, control and valve lines to our equipment offerings. We have also begun the process of re-initiating our in-house manufacturing through development of our proprietary designs of fueling systems. We look forward to introducing more Ace FuelSafe systems for our clients as we grow this exciting division.

In addition to our industrial and commercial lines we offer competitive pricing on retail gas station equipment required for large projects like a complete ground-up fueling site or small items like fueling nozzles or filters.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Ace Tank and how our history can help your future. We appreciate the opportunity to work for you!