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Controlled Inventory Access
Card, key or keyless activated systems

Inventory management systems are available through Ace, along with the expert knowledge of our Service Department to keep your system up and running.

Offerings from OPW Fuel Control Systems include the PetroVend line, an industry-recognized innovator.

PETROVEND FLEETLINK: Newly designed non-intervention automated fueling system with improvements to the operating platform providing a fuel control system minus keys or cards that can get lost or stolen. Fleetlink utilizes three key components: A) a vehicle identification unit, connected to B) an antenna mounted around the fuel filler neck. This transmits through low frequency radio technology information such as identification information, fuel type requirements, mileage and/or vehicle hours. The third component is C) the nozzle unit, which identifies the vehicle and through a LED nozzle status indicator light, communicates any errors in the fueling process to the operator. There's the benefit of ease of operation, no language barriers, accurate accountability of fuel use and retention of vehicle maintenance data.

PETROVEND SYSTEM2: Providing a wide range of options that makes it flexible, and field-upgradable ease to allow System2 growth as your needs and requirements expand. Uses magnetic stripe or optic cards, or you can use the rugged ChipKey -- easily fits to a key ring and including a microchip that can programmed or reprogrammed as many times as you like, either at the fueling island terminal or with a ChipKey encoder connected to a personal computer. The whole process starts with the driver inserting the card or key, entering a required PIN number (or other prompts selectable by you). Once the user's data has been authenticated, the pump activates and the fueling process begins.

PETROVEND K800: For proprietary applications a card- or key-activated system for both small fleets with a single fueling site and large fleets with multiple sites. Also can be used as a cardless (or keyless) system, with all information entered as prompted on the terminal's keypad. Every transaction is logged, and vehicles can be restricted to a specific type of fuel and quantity allowed to be dispensed.

PETROVEND FL6: A low cost yet high value system for smaller operations with a 100 card or key and two hose capacity which can be expanded to 250 cards or keys. Accumulates information as to card number, date and time of fueling, product dispensed and quantity delivered.

All of the above systems have Phoenix™ software available for polling the site, backup and restore of data and enhanced software for creating reports, basic invoicing and a whole lot more.

We also offer systems from Gasboy, also in a range of control from extensive to basic.

FLEETKEY: Centered around the rugged ABS plastic key that holds and protects a small integrated circuit that stores stores and overwrites information  -- information like type of key (employee, vehicle, etc.), employee/vehicle/department identification (20 digits alphanumeric), expiration date, amount and type of product allowed, required keypad entries (odometer, PIN, etc), previous/last odometer entry, required --or optional-- reasonable odometer entry (provides odometer validity check), number of odometer entry retires allowed and much more. Dual key configuration allows employee and vehicle information on separate keys, both of which must be used to enable fueling. A solid choice for proprietary sites.
ISLANDER II: Completely self-contained and flexible enough for proprietary and networked sites. The bank, fleet and oil company interfaces accept an assortment of credit and fleet card types. Even previously issued proprietary cards can be accepted, providing the opportunity to add users without forcing them to change or carry an additional card. The Islander II gives you the ability to issue user-selectable PINs and send personalized messages per user or vehicle.

SERIES 1000: Magnetic stripe or optic card system (either single or dual card;l must be of the same card type), also operable as a cardless fuel management terminal. Provides many of the same features of the FleetKey but without the information write/rewrite flexibility of the FleetKey itself (features such as product type/quantity, odometer entry requirement), and also allows for automatic site shutdown at a specified time.

TOPKAT: Available factory mounted on Gasboy's 9800Q series electronic dispensers or pedestal-mounted for remote 9800Q or mechanical dispenser applications, the TopKAT records primary transaction information including date and time of transaction, vehicle key number/vehicle and department numbers, employee number and employee department number, odometer reading and miles between fueling, and vehicle and employee cumulative quantities. Optional PCMCIA card provides a simple and reliable means of backup and restoring of system files.

Gasboy's fuel management systems are available with Windows-based software enabling basic or expanded PC polling and information upload.

With a focus on the aviation and marine industries, the Applied Technology  'Touch-N-Go' fuel terminal is another line carried by Ace.

Automated fueling for aircraft and boats, from a manufacturer especially focused on those applications (100% of aviation fuel companies have selected Applied Technology to provide their self-service technology). The Touch-N-Go system provides 24/7 convenience for your customers, cuts labor costs and increases profits. The Siteminder fuel management software allows communication with the fuel terminal from your office or home PC or anywhere a phone is available. Detailed fuel management reports include inventory histories, individual and total transaction listings, sales and private card summaries, fuel sales summaries, costs of goods sold and customer lists.

Tank monitoring interface is one of many available options, which also include cash acceptors and remote receipt printer. 

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